Friday, April 10, 2020

With Easter in Mind

When we grieve, we grow in understanding and appreciation from the deep experience of the mystery of God’s action in us. The certainty of our loss lies beyond normal comprehension. Therefore, we must expect our healing and acceptance to be in conflict with the suppression of our tragic reality, but this very deep experience will continue to allow us to grow in the breadth and depth of our faith. The grieving process is a time of recollection and memories and becomes a perfect setting for a period of spiritual renewal. It allows us the time to rediscover the great gifts of God’s work by focusing on the meaning of life as it relates to our purpose on earth. If we really believe in the death and resurrection of Christ, then we should find joy in our suffering.

Each of us can relate to this Easter season as it illustrates an aspect of passage from death to life with Christ. Our experience of loss makes it easier for us to understand the specific aspect of Christ’s triumph over death, it means that we too will rise. There is a need for a continuing awareness of our loss. This awareness definitely helps so the quiet moments of our grief are not lost. This awareness teaches us to prepare our hearts to give to Christ.

After Christ’s death, we recall his two disciples on a walk from Jerusalem to Emmaus for a spiritual interpretation of the risen Christ. So too, after we lose a loved one, our spiritual journey should begin, expressing the profound pain of our loss but concluding with a note of confidence in God. Christ’s death and also the death of our loved one reveals the marvelous capacity for insight into our faith. Our faith is based on Easter. The love of our separated spouse, child or parent is more visible now than ever before in our life. Our faith urges us to show understanding of our loss for while we have sorrow now, our loved one will rejoice in heaven.
With Easter in Mind was penned by Thomas Kelly for 
Catholic Cemeteries, Spring 2006.

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