Sunday, April 12, 2020

Journaling through Grief Writing Prompt: Easter

A true reminder of what Easter means.
"...Behold, I make all things new." ~Revelations 21:4-5

Focus for Today: Easter is a time of renewal and new life. Days are longer, air is fresher, and the earth is once again coming to life. What a wonderful time to plant a memory garden! Select a special area in the yard and dedicate it to your loved one. (If you live in an apartment, use a planter box.) Plant your loved one's favorite flowers, vegetables, or herbs. Nurture it and watch how it grows. Don't be surprised to see how much it nurtures you in turn! Focus today on God's wonderful creations.

  • If Christianity is a strong influence in your life, try attending a sunrise Easter service. If church is overly emotional for you, perhaps attending a different church or altering the time of the service will help you to feel more comfortable.
  • Take a walk in the park and breathe in the freshness of Spring. Realize that just as Spring comes every year, your grief too will ease. 
  • Place an Easter lily beside your bed. Seeing a fresh bloom the first thing on Easter morning will remind you of the true meaning of this holiday.

Your journal writing prompts
  1. What images come to mind when I meditate on the concept of new life?
  2. How can the new growth that comes with Springtime nurture me as I traverse along my grief journey?
  3. How does my spirituality give me hope for the future?
"Easter" appears in A Year of Special Days: A Journal for Coping with Grief 
written by Jennifer Mosey, MSW, LISW and Marilyn Deliberato, LFD
and is Copyrighted 2000 by Foresight Family Funeral Homes. 


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